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Ort:50823 Cologne
Min. Fläche:30 m2
Min. Zimmerzahl:1.5
Max. Kaltmiete:€ 600,–
Einzug gewünscht:08/2022
Eintrag vom:09.07.22


Hello, my name is Giovanna (26) and I am looking for a place to establish in my first move to Cologne with my fianceè, João Victor (24). We are both EU citizens, I am Portuguese and he is Italian. We are nonsmokers, with no kids or pets and we are looking for a peaceful and calm place where we can both dedicate ourselves to our studies and professional careers! Today we live in Düsseldorf, because of João's job as a chef in the Van der Valk Airport Hotel. Now, he is going to work in Cologne, the same city where I already have a job. I used to work as an advertiser in an Interbrand office outside the EU zone and managed to make a move to Cologne's office! As for João, he received different offers from some restaurants to work in the same city during the summertime.He is a handyman and I have a really good taste, therefore repair work is no problem for us. If the apartment needs to be painted or wallpapered, we will be happy to do it for you!Since it would be our new residence in Cologne, we would need to have a registration of it. Could you help us with that? As we are looking for a place to move to in August, we are in a little hurry. Would you be available for a chat? Since we are dedicating so much time to finding a place, it would be amazing if we could visit it next week! This way we can talk better about the offer.My phone is +31 6 27994506 and my e-mail João's phone is +49 1602406891 and his e-mail, feel free to contact us! My LinkedIn:


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